Fred Hoiberg storms off podium after question about Isaiah Thomas


Chicago Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg knows how to make a press conference eventful.

A reporter asked whether Hoiberg saw Isaiah Thomas carry the ball on Wendesday night after the Boston Celtics' defeated the Bulls, 108-97, in Game 5.

"No," Hoiberg said, and immediately left the press coference.

This comes after Hoiberg insisted Thomas was an "impossible cover" during Game 4, because the referees were failing to call carrying fouls.

"Isaiah Thomas is a hell of a player, an unbelievable competitor," Hoiberg said after Game 4 Sunday. "He's a warrior with everything he's going through right now. He had a hell of a game tonight. But when you're allowed to discontinue your dribble on every possession, he is impossible to guard. He is impossible to guard. When you're allowed to put your hand underneath the ball and take two or three steps and put it back down, it's impossible to guard him in those situations."

Thomas, who finished Game 5 with 24 points, five rebounds, four assists and no carrying fouls, disagreed with Hoiberg's comments. Thomas' sons attended the press conference after Game 4 and giggled at Hoiberg's frustrations.

“I was very surprised,” Thomas said after practice Thursday. “Out of everything else that I do on the court, you want to bring that up. It is what it is. I’m going to continue to dribble the ball the way I know how.”

He added: “Dwyane Wade, Rondo, LeBron (James) … I dribble just like everybody else."

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