Reed: ‘I could be on a new team every day and it's not going to change my approach'


BOSTON -- Addison Reed has pitched in a World Series for the Mets, who don't play in a city that takes baseball lightly. 

The pressure of pitching in Boston isn't affecting him, he said Tuesday.

"No, because I mean this is my sixth year in the big leagues," Reed said. "I could be on a new team every day and it’s not going to change my approach, it’s not going to change the way I go about doing things or the way I go about pitching."

Sox manager John Farrell attempted to pull Reed during an at-bat Sunday night at Yankee Stadium. Farrell couldn't do so because of the rules, and instead, Reed retired the batter who was up. He was then immediately pulled before the next batter for closer Craig Kimbrel.

Farrell and Reed had a discussion about the moment Sunday night.

"Just something that needs to stay between he and I," Reed said. "Went well."

Asked if what happened on the field was difficult, Reed said it was not.

"No, I mean, what happened happened," Reed said. "Still had a job to do and just trying to whoever’s in the box, I try and get out."

Reed's command hasn't been as strong as it was in his time with the Mets. Farrell said on Monday that there's been a lot of video review going on, but Reed indicated he didn't feel off. 

"I feel fine," Reed said. "Just had one outing that was a little rough, but other than that, everything’s felt good."

Reed has two walks and a hit batsmen with the Sox. He had six walks and no hit batsmen with the Mets previously. He's still in a high-leverage role with the Sox.

"Addision, we’ve initially said it’s the eighth inning," Farrell said. "We’ve used him accordingly based on where we are in the lineup and based on the potential of running threats. Going back to New York, the Friday night with Addison that spot where [Brett] Gardner is pinch-hitting ninth and then -- the same alignment, the same order was coming up [Sunday when I used Matt Barnes], I took a different approach to give them a different look. But as we map out the seventh and eighth inning, it’s going to be Barnes and Addison and we’ll see where the right matchups provide themselves.”

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