Red Sox pitcher Wright's domestic assault case moves toward dismissal


Red Sox pitcher Steven Wright said in a statement Thursday that his domestic assault case is moving toward a dismissal.

On Dec. 8, Wright was arrested and charged with domestic assault and preventing a 911 call at his home in Tennessee after an incident with his wife, Shannon.

Here's the statement attributed to Wright and his wife: 

"We are pleased that the recent case with Steven has been retired, and that we were able to resolve this matter quickly. We regret the attention this has caused our family, the Red Sox, and Major League Baseball. We remain committed to working together to improve our relationship.

"We are blessed to have the love and support of our friends, family and church, and we want to say a special thank you to them. We look forward to the next couple weeks together with our children during the holidays. 

"LEGAL NOTE: A 'retirement' is the first phase toward a dismissal, which will come in 12 months, assuming no other offenses occur in the meantime."

The Boston Herald on Thursday reported that the Williamson County courthouse in Tennessee had retired Wright's case for one year. 

MLB is looking into the matter and has the power to discipline Wright separate from any court decision. 


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