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Red Sox announce roster for ‘Spring Breakout' prospect showcase

MLB's inaugural "Spring Breakout" will put a spotlight on the top prospects across the league.

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Major League Baseball's top prospects will take center stage next week for the league's inaugural "Spring Breakout" showcase.

The event, which will take place March 14-17, will consist of 16 exhibition games played between teams comprised of each organization’s minor-league stars. The Boston Red Sox announced their roster for the showcase on Thursday.

Twenty-one of Boston's top 30 prospects (per MLB Pipeline) will participate. The roster is headlined by the prized trio of Marcelo Mayer, outfielder Roman Anthony, and catcher Kyle Teel. Other notable players include outfielder/shortstop Ceddanne Rafaela, outfielder Miguel Bleis, and the team's top pitching prospect Wikelman Gonzalez.

The Red Sox' top prospects will take on the Atlanta Braves' young talent Saturday, March 16 at JetBlue Park. Here's a look at Boston's entire roster, along with each player's MLB Pipeline prospect ranking:


  • Wikelman Gonzalez, RHP (No. 7)
  • Richard Fitts, LHP (No. 12)
  • David Sandlin, RHP (No. 16)
  • Hunter Dobbins, RHP (No. 27)
  • Angel Bastardo, RHP (No. 28)
  • Isaac Coffey, RHP
  • Luis Guerrero, RHP
  • Zach Penrod, LHP
  • Dalton Rogers, LHP
  • Christopher Troye, RHP


  • Kyle Teel, C (No. 3)
  • Nathan Hickey, C (No. 18)
  • Brooks Brannon, C (No. 23)
  • Johanfran Garcia, C (No. 25)


  • Marcelo Mayer, SS (No. 1)
  • Nick Yorke, 2B (No. 8)
  • Yoeilin Cespedes, SS (No. 9)
  • Nazzan Zanetello, SS (No. 10)
  • Chase Meidroth, INF (No. 19)
  • Antonio Anderson, 3B (No. 20)
  • Blaze Jordan, 1B/3B (No. 21)
  • Eddinson Paulino, INF (No. 24)


  • Roman Anthony, OF (No. 2)
  • Ceddanne Rafaela, OF/SS (No. 4)
  • Miguel Bleis, OF (No. 5)
  • Allan Castro, OF (No. 14)
  • Kristian Campbell, OF
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