Gammons: Doubts aplenty about Youkilis' health


Before the Red Sox can trade Kevin Youkilis, he'll have to prove to opposing general managers that he's mobile enough to play third base and still has the ability to hit well.

That's the opinion of Peter Gammons, who expressed those thoughts Thursday morning on WIP Radio in Philadelphia.

"Whatever happens with Youkilis (regarding a trade) is only going to happen after he plays a little bit," Gammons told WIP host Angelo Cataldi. "I was talking to a National League West general manager the other day, and he said he doesn't know if Youkilis can still move well enough to play third and whether he can still hit. He hasn't hit well in two years."

Gammons pointed out that Youkilis "has had so many injuries to his core" -- hip, lower back, a sports hernia -- that there are questions whether he'll "have that hip rotation again" to hit effectively.

Gammons also threw cold water on the Youkilis-for-Joe Blanton trade rumors that are hot in Philadelphia, saying the Red Sox have little interest in the Phillies' right-hander.

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