How to watch Champions League Quarterfinals Leg 1


The prestigious 2021-2022 Champions League is set to begin its quarterfinal rounds on Tuesday.

Organized by the Union of European Football Associations, UCL is one of the most competitive and popular football club organizations. 

Originating in 1955 as the Coupe des Champions Européens and known as the European Cup, the tournament initially had a knockout format and was available solely to Europe's domestic league champions. The winner was crowned the European club champion. 

In 1991, the tournament adopted its current round-robin group stage format and added entrants from various countries since the 1997-98 season. In 1992, the competition adopted its current name.

Presently, the annual competition between top-division European clubs runs a round-robin format to see which teams qualify for a double-legged knockout portion.  

The Champions League format consists of the preliminary round in late June followed by three qualifying rounds and a playoff round. Then six teams advance to the group stage and join 26 other teams qualified in advance. From there, eight group winners and eight finalists continue on to the knockout portion that leads into the final match in late May or early June.

A few of the perks of winning the Champions League is that you automatically qualify for the next year's Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Here's everything to know about how to watch leg 1 of the Champions League quarterfinals:

Who is playing in the Champions League quarterfinals?

Benfica vs. Liverpool: Tuesday, April 5, 3 p.m. ET

Manchester City vs. Atlético Madrid: Tuesday, April 5, 3 p.m. ET

Villarreal vs. Bayern Munich: Wednesday, April 6, 3 p.m. ET

Chelsea vs. Real Madrid: Wednesday, April 6, 3 p.m. ET

What channel is the Champions League quarterfinals?

The UEFA Champions League can be watched on CBS in English or Univision (Spanish).

Is the Champions League quarterfinals available on live stream?

The UEFA Champions League can be watched on CBS and Paramount+ in English or Univision and fuboTV in Spanish across streaming services. 

What comes after the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals?

Champions League quarterfinals (second legs): April 12-13, 2022

Champions League semifinals (first legs): April 26-27, 2022

Champions League semifinals (second legs): May 3-4, 2022

Champions League Final: May 28, 2022

How do the two legs work?

Each club plays two matches -- each team gets to host one of the matches. A match is referred to as a "leg."

In the two legs, the team with more goals advances to the next round. If the aggregate goals are tied, the first tiebreaker is whoever scored more goals in their away match.

The round of 16, quarterfinals and semifinals are played in two legs. The final is a single winner-takes-all match.

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