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WATCH: Brady hangs with Brees family after beating Saints QB


Nick Foles could only dream of the postgame love Tom Brady showed Drew Brees on Sunday.

The Tampa Bay quarterback shared a moment with Brees at midfield immediately after his Buccaneers dispatched the New Orleans Saints 30-20 in the NFC Divisional Round at Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

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But the quadragenarians' interaction didn't stop there. A couple hours after the game, the 43-year-old Brady returned to the field to shoot the breeze with the 42-year-old Brees and his family.

Brady even lobbed a pass to one of Brees' sons before saying his goodbyes to the QB and his family.

Brady and Brees are good friends who share plenty of mutual respect. There's also speculation that Brees may retire this offseason, which may explain why he was soaking in one final postgame moment and why Brady came out to meet him one more time.

Brady has denied a few QBs their postgame handshakes after losses, but Brees is among the handful of quarterbacks that the former New England Patriots star admires. It also helps that Brady was on the winning end, throwing for 199 yards and a pair of touchdowns to reach his 14th conference championship game and first in the NFC.

Next up for Brady is another legendary QB in likely NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, whose Green Bay Packers handled the Los Angeles Rams to advance to Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

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