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Patriots' offense makes more unfortunate history against Raiders

The New England Patriots have been record-setting bad in recent weeks.

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In the New England Patriots' Week 6 matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders, rookie kicker Chad Ryland broke a streak of 79 unanswered points -- the longest in the NFL since 1999. Ryland's 43-yard field goal in the second quarter cut the Raiders' lead over New England to 10-3.

Starting the year with a 1-4 record, the Patriots have not been able to find a way to make their offense work. With a combination of injuries, bad quarterback play, and a horrendous offensive line, the Patriots found themselves in the NFL's history books, but not in a good way.

In Week 4, the Patriots took on the Cowboys - a game that really made New England's quarterback struggles obvious. Mac Jones only threw for 150 yards with two interceptions as the Patriots lost 38-3. The Cowboys struck first with a field goal, which the Patriots answered with a field goal of their own. The 79 unanswered points followed that, beginning with 35 straight points by Dallas.

In New England's Week 5 game against the New Orleans Saints, they were completely shutout, losing 34-0 to a matchup that was deemed winnable by even the harshest of critics. Jones once again struggled, throwing for only 110 yards and two interceptions.

To start off the Week 6 game against the Raiders, the Patriots once again fell into an early hole, going down 10-0. The rough start to this game also set another NFL milestone, marking the first time in Bill Belichick's head coaching career where his team had zero or fewer yards in the first quarter.

To top off the frustration, former Patriot Jakobi Meyers found his way into the endzone on a 12-yard pass from another former Patriot, Jimmy Garoppolo. Mac Jones also threw an interception late in the second quarter while targeting a wide-open Hunter Henry, leaving fans wondering if Malik Cunningham will enter the game in the second half.

The Patriots also set a franchise record at halftime, concluding 12 quarters without a touchdown. Running back Ezekiel Elliott finally scored in the third quarter to break the team's longest stretch without a touchdown since 1991.

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