Will Pats have a hold on Giants pass rush?


INDIANAPOLIS - How can the New England Patriots slow down the New York Giants pass rush?Holding. On Friday night, I ran into Tim Ryan, co-host of "Movin' The Chains" on SIRIUS XM NFL Radio along with Pat Kirwan. As we talked about the Giants pass rush, he started dropping some eye-popping stats. In the two Conference Champioship games, there was one holding penalty called on a pass play. In the entire playoffs - 792 passing attempts and 10 games - there have been nine holding penalties. Four of those were against the Giants, according to Ryan. Referring to the backup quarterbacks for the Patriots and Giants, Ryan asked me, "You think the NFL wants Brian Hoyer and David Carr in the game Sunday?"Bill Belichick has long subscribed to the theory that you "do business as business is being done."And if the NFL has willingly turned a blind eye to holding in these playoffs, why wouldn't the Patriots try to do business that way until they are penalized? Think about past Super Bowls and the number of blatant holds that were let go. If there's one penalty that's allowed to slide, it's holding. The Super Bowl XLVI officials are an all-star crew led by referee John Parry. My friend Mike Sando from ESPN.com did a breakdown of Parry's penalty calls in 2011 prior to the NFC Championship. Parry's crew called 53 holds this season - third-highest in the NFL. You can take a look at where Parry's regular-season crew checked in on all the penalties. Might as well bring this up, too. Parry was the referee in 2007 when the Patriots beat the Colts 24-20 despite a franchise-record 10 penalties for 146 yards against them. I was working for NBCSports.com at the time and, after watching the game a second time, found eightofficiating mistakes that went against New England. The accounting from that game:1. Two officials with an unimpeded view of the play rule Colts receiver Aaron Moorehead in bounds on a first-quarter reception even though his left foot landed entirely out of bounds.

2. A neutral-zone infraction on the Patriots in the first quarter that gave the Colts a first down on third-and-2. Two Patriots flinched at the same time and readjusted while a Colts offensive lineman jumped. It didnt appear either got into the neutral zone.

3. Colts' tight end Dallas Clark hauling down Patriots safety Rodney Harrison in the end zone, preventing a chance at an interception.

4. An inadvertent flag on New England for having offensive lineman Russ Hochstein lined up as an eligible receiver despite the fact the announcement was made before the play that Hochstein was eligible.

5. A 40-yard pass interference penalty on Patriots corner Ellis Hobbs despite his picture-perfect coverage against Reggie Wayne.

6. A defensive holding (or pass interference) non-call on Colts linebacker Gary Brackett as he covered New England running back Kevin Faulk.

7. A phantom offensive pass interference call on Patriots' receiver Randy Moss inside the Colts 10.

8. A block in the back by Colts wide receiver Moorehead on Patriot Rashad Baker during Joseph Addais 73-yard touchdown reception.

So Parry owes the Pats one. Or eight.

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