Ready to start Spartan-focused training


It's just about 10 weeks until the Spartan Sprint Race in Killington  (September 21). I'm going to start my Spartan-focused training next week. To this point, I've continued my normal workouts which include a mix of P90x lifts, insanity workouts, running and yoga. While those workouts are always tough, the Spartan Race requires some specific work to be done.

Next week I'll begin more circuit training, hiking/incline work and increasing grip strength. These workouts will be things I create on my own. After a few weeks of that, I think I'll move to this training program from the Spartan Race.

It's a 30-day program that I will modify by increasing some of the distances and reps. The program provides a good mix of the strength and skills needed for a Spartan Race. I'd like to complete this plan with about two to three weeks left before race day, so I can spend those last training days focusing on weaknesses that need to be improved.

As I mentioned in the last post, I'll be running this year with friends. So next time I'll update you on their training for those that have begun and any concerns for those that have not.


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