Boston Celtics

Jaylen Brown, Duncan Robinson have heated exchange after flagrant foul

The dust-up adds to what has been an intense rivalry between the Celtics and Heat.

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Jaylen Brown and Duncan Robinson got into a heated exchange during the fourth quarter of a tightly contested game between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat on Sunday afternoon.

With Boston having possession of the ball, Robinson was playing tight defense on Brown, arguably latching onto him for a bit too long. Celtics guard Derrick White tried to make a pass to Brown, but the three-time All-Star was unable to get the ball with all of the contact from Robinson.

In the heat of the moment, Brown spun around while intertwined with Robinson, sending the Heat sharpshooter into the front row of the stands. The officials ruled it a Flagrant 1 foul against Brown.

After the ruling from the refs, Robinson could be seen approaching Brown to talk. The two began verbally getting into it with each other, needing to be separated by teammates and officials.

You can check out the full play and the exchange in the video above.

It was Brown who had the last laugh though, as Boston escaped Miami with a 110-106 win. Brown posted 20 points on 8-of-16 shooting, additionally logging nine rebounds and two assists.

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