Buchholz to see Dr. James Andrews for second opinion


ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Clay Buchholz, sidelined with a strained flexor muscle in his right elbow, is feeling better since trudging off the mound in the middle of an inning, but, on the advice of his agent, will visit with Dr. James Andrews Wednesday for a second opinion.

"Just for confirmation that everything is feeling basically how they said it was going to be after time off,'' said Buchholz. "Hopefully, within the next couple of days, I can get a ball in my hand and start getting back into the shape I need to be able to start.''

Buchholz had kept open the possibility of getting a second opinion the night he was injured. He's visited Andrews in the past with any shoulder issues.

"He's just been that guy that whenever I've had issues (I've gone to him),'' offered Buchholz. "Obviously, he's world renown, the best at what he does. It's more of a peace-of-mind thing, something my agent thought was important given the period of time it is for me as far as career-wise. I don't need anything else going forward. Just confirmation, that's it.''

As instructed by the Red Sox medical and training staff, Buchholz didn't throw at all during the break, but has already noticed some improvement to the elbow following some treatment in Boston.

"It feels a lot different than it did when I came out of the game,'' said Buchholz. "They told me to take him off, rest and hopefully, that takes care of it."

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