Jay Glazer's insight bodes well for Jerod Mayo's coaching aspirations


If you ask FOX Sports' Jay Glazer, it's not a matter of if Jerod Mayo lands a head coach job, but when.

The former Patriots linebacker just finished his third year as New England's inside linebackers coach. But he's interviewed for head coach openings in back-to-back years, applying for the Philadelphia Eagles' job in 2021 and talking with the Denver Broncos and Las Vegas Raiders last month.

Glazer joined our Phil Perry from Radio Row in Los Angeles on the latest episode of the Next Pats podcast to share some insight into how Mayo's interview with Philly went in 2021.

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"Philadelphia, when he interviewed there, he blew them out of the water," Glazer told Perry.

The Eagles went with then-Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni instead -- which Glazer told the team directly may have been a mistake.

"They called me about it, and I said, 'If he really blew you out of the water that much, don't make a mistake and whiff on him,'" Glazer said. "The Dolphins did that with Mike Tomlin. 'Oh, we want an offensive coach.' That's what the Eagles said: 'We want an offensive coach.'

"Man, the Dolphins could have been sound and secure for a long time if they just went with the best guy to lead their team. Mayo blew people out of the water."

Mayo told our Tom E. Curran last week he felt he "showed out" in the football aspects of his interviews with the Broncos and Raiders this year. Both teams went with offensive coordinators as well, however. (Nathaniel Hackett in Denver and ex-Patriot Josh McDaniels in Las Vegas.)

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The one knock on Mayo's resume is his lack of coaching experience: He's only been in his job since 2019 and has never been a coordinator. But the 35-year-old still plays a key strategy role on New England's defense alongside outside linebackers coach and defensive play-caller Steve Belichick.

If Mayo continues to impress other teams in his pursuit of a head coach gig, he'll reach his goal in the near future, says Glazer.

"I don't know if it's next offseason, but he'll get (a head coach job), yeah," Glazer told Perry.

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