Halloween's a treat for these Patriots


By Danny Picard

FOXBORO -- Halloween is sure to be one to remember.Randy Moss returns to Gillette Stadium. Brett Favre is seeminglywaiting until the last minute to announce his availability for Sunday.And Wes Welker is dressing up as a Jersey Shore character.

Wait . . . what?

That'sright. Welker said on Friday that he will be dressing up as a JerseyShore character this weekend. While he wouldn't give away whichcharacter he'd be, he did say that his girlfriend was dressing up asSnookie.

Draw your own conclusions.

And, much like Belichickdoesn't tip off his opponents before a game, the Patriots' coach alsorefuses to let the kids on his block figure out his game plan onHalloween night.

Belichick was asked, on Friday, if he had a favorite type of candy. His response?

"Oh, yeah, all of them," he said with a smirk.

Belichickdid give away something on Friday, though. He revealed that his bestHalloween costume as a kid was President John F. Kennedy.

"It was easy, you know, you dress up in a suit and put on the mask, but it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis."

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