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Parker responds to costly dropped pass in Pats' loss to Raiders

How he responds may leave Pats fans frustrated.

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With a chance for the New England Patriots to win the game against the Las Vegas Raiders in a classic two-minute drill, Mac Jones aired a beautifully placed deep ball to DeVante Parker. After getting the separation from defense, Parker was open with space to run...and the ball slipped through his hands.

Following a delay of game call, the game essentially ended on the next play after Raiders pass rusher Maxx Crosby brought Mac Jones down in the end zone for a safety.

When asked about what happened on the play, he responded in a rather frustrating way.

"I don't know," Parker said.

Flipping it back on the reporter and avoiding any real accountability, Parker then asked the reporter what he saw. The reporter stated that it looked like Parker got behind the coverage and that the ball was there for him.

Parker's response to that was no better.

"Then that's what happened. I was behind the coverage. Next?"

Parker was then asked if he did in fact get his fingers on the ball.

"Yeah, I think my fingertips, I think. I didn't get a full grasp of it," Parker claimed.

While a video replay does make it seem like Parker had more than his "fingertips" on the ball, maybe the camera angle didn't do the play justice for him.

When asked if it was a ball he could have caught, Parker gave another noncommittal answer.

"I think so. I mean, fingertips, I don't know," Parker said.

Parker had his quietest night of the season so far, bringing in one reception for seven yards on three targets.

While Parkers dropped pass is one of the easiest plays to pinpoint and place blame for the loss, we can't forget that the Patriots once again fell into an early hole, going down 10-0. On top of the early deficit, the Patriots were extremely undisciplined, being called for 10 penalties tallying 79 yards.

The Patriots will look to right their wrongs and steal a win next Sunday in a tough matchup against the Buffalo Bills.

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