Trick or treat: what costumes for which athletes?


By Mary Paoletti

It's Friday!

You all know what that means on Wicked Good Sports: nonsense. But today we've got a theme. The upcoming Halloween weekend makes today perfect for playing dress up with some pro athletes. (No, not like that, Favre. Relax.)

Who should be whom on All Hallows Eve? I'll get the list started but I want your input.

The Lollipop Guild: Maple Leafs
The Cowardly Lion: Phil Kessel
Scarecrow: Milan Lucic
Tin Man: Shawn Thornton or Gregory Campbell (They can fight over it)
Toto: Special cameo by Montreal's Carey Price!
Dorothy: Mike Komisarek
Wizard: Nathan Horton
(Thanks, Durling)

Deanna Favre: "To Catch a Predator's" Chris Hansen
Brett Favre: Himself

LeBron James Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh: Michael Jordan...'s second cousin

Antonio Cromartie: Himself
The New York Jets: Some of his children

Ben Roethlisberger: Poster for adverse effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Pat Riley: Satan

Candlestick Park: A gigantic garbage can

These are just a few ideas. Leave yours in the comments section. You aren't doing any actual work today, anyway.

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