The Dino Radja Experience: Episode 8, with the Rooster


By: Rich Levine

In today's episode, I welcome a very special friend of the podcast: The Rooster

Have a listen while the Rooster and I compile our all-Patriots team from 1993-present, and also discuss breaking into Super Bowl parties, partying with former Pats, the greatest catch in Patriots history and stalking Vincent Brisby.

Who was your favorite Patriots running back since 1993?

Marion Butts
Robert Edwards
Curtis Martin
Antoine Smith
Corey Dillon
Laurence Maroney
Kevin Faulk?

How about if you could only take four of these linebackers?

Ted Johnson
Vincent Brown
Ted Bruschi
Mike Vrabel
Willie McGinnest
Chris Slade
Roman Phifer
Roosevelt Colvin
Jerod Mayo

Our picks and more lie ahead

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