Red Sox talk to Cubs about Carpenter injury


PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. -- General manager Ben Cherington confirmed that the Red Sox have been in communication with the Chicago Cubs after pitcher Chris Carpenter, obtained last month from the Cubs, underwent surgery to remove bone spurs from his right elbow.

Carpenter came to the Sox as part of the compensation for the Cubs hiring former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein with a year remaining on his contract.

Carpenter pitched two innings in Grapefruit League action for the Sox before being sidelined with the elbow injury.

"I can't comment on it,'' said Cherington. "The Cubs are aware of the situation. We've talked to them. But aside from that, I'm not going to comment on it.

"With that particular subject, I just can't comment. And I wouldn't read anything into that. Everyone's aware of what's going on. There's been a conversation, but I can't comment on anything more than that.''

Carpenter has said he was healthy at the time of the trade, a contention
which Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer also backed.

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