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Where Tatum's stats on 26th birthday rank among NBA's all-time greats

The Celtics star already finds himself among NBA legends as he turns 26.

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Putting all of the "he's only 19" jokes aside, Boston Celtics star forward Jayson Tatum is celebrating his 26th birthday on Sunday. Now seven seasons into his NBA career, Tatum's impressive numbers already rank him close to some of the game's greats.

Here's a look at how Tatum's career stats compare all-time among players before their 26th birthdays:

Points (Regular Season)

LeBron James -- 16,081 (582 games, 27.63 per game)
Kevin Durant -- 14,851 (542 games, 27.40 per game)
Carmelo Anthony -- 12,711 (514 games, 24.73 per game)
Tracy McGrady -- 12,423 (565 games, 21.99 per game)
Kobe Bryant -- 12,215 (561 games, 21.77 per game)
Jayson Tatum -- 11,381 (495 games, 22.99 per game)
Devin Booker -- 11,363 (482 games, 23.57 per game)

Only five players have scored more points than Tatum before turning 26. Much like Booker, what is most impressive for the 2017 No. 3 pick is that he ranks high on this list despite playing in much fewer games compared to those ranked around him.

Wins (Regular Season)

Tony Parker -- 391 (540 games, 72.40 percent)
Kobe Bryant -- 391 (561 games, 69.69 percent)
LeBron James -- 364 (582 games, 62.54 percent)
Dwight Howard -- 331 (567 games, 58.37 percent)
Jayson Tatum -- 327 (495 games, 66.06 percent)

The Celtics have been a playoff team ever since drafting Tatum back in 2017, so there is no shock to see just four names above him for most wins. With Tatum on the court, Boston maintains a 327-168 regular season record, winning 66.06 percent of his games.

The Celtics have a 16-20 record in the 36 regular season games Tatum has missed throughout his career. Just like the points category, Tatum once again played the fewest games compared to those ranked above him. Accounting for win percentage, the former Blue Devil would rank third.

3-Pointers (Regular Season)

Jayson Tatum -- 1,239 (495 games, 2.5 per game)
Luka Doncic -- 1,118 (382 games and counting, 2.9 per game)
Bradley Beal -- 1,071 (488 games, 2.2 per game)
Trae Young -- 1,053 (404 games and counting, 2.6 per game)
D’Angelo Russell -- 1,002 (404 games, 2.5 per game)

Although he's not necessarily known as a sharpshooter, no other player has hit more 3-point shots before turning 26 than Tatum -- for now. With Doncic just turning 25 this past week, the Slovenian "wonder boy" still has time to pass Tatum, having another full year to catch up.

Every name on this list is a current player, which isn't a surprise to see as the 3-point shot has become more of a relied upon shot compared to league history.

Points (Including Postseason)

LeBron James -- 18,162 (653 games, 27.81 per game)
Kevin Durant -- 16,960 (615 games, 27.58 per game)
Kobe Bryant -- 14,909 (680 games, 21.93 per game)
Carmelo Anthony -- 13,815 (559 games, 24.71 per game)
Jayson Tatum -- 13,585 (589 games, 23.06 per game)

With postseason games now in the picture, Tatum jumps up to fifth in the rankings for points scored. Out of this list, Bryant (119) is the only player to play in more postseason games before turning 26 than Tatum (94). Tatum would jump up one spot in the rankings on a per game basis.

Wins (Including Postseason)

Kobe Bryant -- 467 (680 games, 68.67 percent)
Tony Parker -- 463 (651 games, 71.12 percent)
LeBron James -- 406 (653 games, 62.17 percent)
Jayson Tatum -- 379 (589 games, 64.34 percent)
Darryl Dawkins -- 370 (575 games, 64.34 percent)

With the Celtics' success since drafting Tatum, seemingly making deep playoff runs each year, it's no surprise that Tatum is near the top of this list. With Bryant and Parker each a part of their own teams' respective dynasties -- the Lakers and Spurs had already won three titles before the mentioned stars turned 26 -- Tatum will still be chasing his first championship, much like James at the same age.

3-Pointers (Including Postseason)

Jayson Tatum -- 1,463 (589 games, 2.5 per game)
Luka Doncic -- 1,216 (382 and counting, 3.2 per game)
Bradley Beal -- 1,166 (528 games, 2.2 per game)
Trae Young -- 1,123 (431 games and counting, 2.6 per game)
Donovan Mitchell -- 1,087 (384 games, 2.8 per game)

Adding postseason games into the mix, Tatum's chokehold as the player with the most 3-pointers before 26 tightens, taking a lead by over 200 triples. On a per game basis, the five-time All-Star falls to second place behind Doncic, who with a year to go could still pass Tatum.

Putting all of the regular season rankings together, Tatum ranks sixth in points, fifth in wins, and first in 3-pointers. With postseason games added in, the St. Louis native ranks fifth in points, fourth in wins, and once again first in 3-pointers.

While the biggest gap in Tatum's resume continues to be the lack of an NBA championship, the 26-year-old wing is well on his way to having his name in consideration for the Hall of Fame when he decides to call it a career -- which hopefully isn't anytime soon.

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