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Tom Brady says Travis Kelce and Andy Reid's Super Bowl incident was typical ‘family issues'

NFL legend Tom Brady shared his thoughts on Travis Kelce's Super Bowl LVIII exchange with coach Andy Reid.

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Tom Brady knows a thing or two about being caught up in a high-stakes moment.

The NFL legend turned analyst, and the rest of the world, turned into Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday. During the game, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was caught yelling in coach Andy Reid's face and grabbed his arm after the team’s on-field fumble.

This interaction caused quite a stir, but Brady, on the other hand, called the interaction typical “family issues.”

"There's always little family issues and of course, I don't mind seeing it 'cause I was a part of a lot of those things," Brady said during a Feb. 12 episode of "Let's Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray." "Emotions are so high. You are definitely not centered and balanced. You're not in a meditative state at that point. You are fully determined to go out there and to win. So I think a lot of the things that are said during the games, people should just let them fly off their back."

The former Patriots quarterback also applauded “Big Red” for his composure in such a tense moment. 

"Coach Reid handled it just awesome, like he always does, 'cause he just said, ‘I was a little off balance and Travis is such a competitor,'" the podcaster added. "I love that because it just speaks to his leadership ability. It speaks to the self-confidence that Coach Reid has in himself, too, 'cause he doesn't take that personally at all. He doesn't look at that and feel like someone offended him.”

After the game, Reid commented on the situation and had a positive outlook.

“[Travis Kelce] came over and gave me a hug and said ‘sorry about that,’” Reid said in an interview with ESPN. “He wants to be on the field and he wants to play. There’s nobody I get better than I get him. He’s a competitive kid, he loves to play, and he makes me feel young.”

Kelce ultimately led the Chiefs with nine receptions for 93 yards as they defeated the 49ers 25-22 in an overtime thriller.

“He keeps me young. He tested that hip out,” Reid said with a laugh. “He caught me off-balance. Normally I get him back a bit, but I didn’t have any feet under me.”

More than 123.4 million people watched as the Kansas City Chiefs topped the San Francisco 49ers in overtime on Sunday.
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