Would the Bruins pursue free agent Tyler Seguin? Never say never


Interesting times in Dallas, as Tyler Seguin is “disappointed” that his contract extension discussions with the Dallas Stars have essentially stalled and that there hasn’t been any progress for some time.

As first wondered a couple of weeks ago, one has to wonder if A) Seguin becomes the next John Tavares big-ticket player up for the sweepstakes treatment next summer and B) if the Bruins would jump in as one of the Seguin suitors, as they did for Tavares this summer.

Clearly, Seguin has plenty of history in Boston. He still has good friends like Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron on the roster, and it’s never really been clear if Don Sweeney -- the general manager now, the assistent GM to Peter Chiarelli then -- was on board with the decision to get rid of Seguin in 2013.

The issue with Seguin is that he’s going to command close to as much money and term as Tavares, and in some ways he’s not quite as sure of a bet as the laid back, super-consistent former Islanders star. Seguin has never performed particularly well when the going gets tough against quality opponents and he hasn’t been able to consistently lead Dallas to the playoffs during his time with the Stars.

For all these reasons, a massive seven- or eight-year contract would be quite an investment in Seguin. Count me as someone who doubts whether Bruins president Cam Neely would make that kind of committed investment after being one of the decision-makers who jettisoned him in the first place.

But I'll also say this: Never say never.

What if the Bruins play out this season and it becomes very clear they need a goal-scoring sniper for their second line as they did in the playoffs vs. Tampa? What if Seguin is the best and most sensible option to fill that need long term?

Like I said: Never say never.   

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