Morning Skate: Orr cup goal still greatest ever, according to Gretzky


Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while wishing you a very, merry Christmas.

*Wayne Gretzky still sees Bobby Orr’s leaping game-winning goal in the Stanley Cup Final as the NHL’s greatest moment, as he should.

*Interesting piece on New England native and Pittsburgh Penguins D-man Brian Dumoulin’s lifelong interest in cooking, good food and restaurants he can hit up while on the road.

*Things are not very merry for the Ottawa Senators and their owner Eugene Melnyk as things continue to get bogged down in low attendance, vague threats and an arena situation that probably needs to be fixed before it’s going to get better for that franchise.

*For the vast majority of Vegas Golden Knights players, they asked for hockey-related gifts when it came time to make a list for Santa Claus.

*The New York Rangers will need to start considering their Ryan McDonagh options as they ponder the long range future of their franchise.

*Pro Hockey Talk asks the million dollar question: Are the Edmonton Oilers finally beginning to come around in the Western Conference.

*Alex Burmistrov is apparently retiring, according to his agent. I’ll remember him best for throwing a cheap shot at Patrice Bergeron at the beginning of last season, and as a player you could always count on to quickly turn his back on an opponent when a hit was coming close to the boards. Not a player many are going to miss if he’s truly done.

*For something completely different: Yup, that’s right…Glen Campbell and Cher actually did a Jingle Bells duet at one point.



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