Will ‘Madden 22' cover feature Brady, Mahomes?


It won't be too long before EA Sports releases this year's installment of its football video game, "Madden NFL 22", and the company's new teaser video released Monday has fans feeling pretty excited over which players might be on the cover.

Here is the teaser:

The main theme -- aside from the revelation the cover will officially be unveiled Thursday -- is obviously the two goats, which hints at multiple players being on the cover. It wouldn't be an unprecedented move, either. Steelers safety Troy Polamalu and Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald both graced the cover of "Madden NFL 10".

The two goats also have many people predicting Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be on the cover. Brady would serve as the old "GOAT" with seven Super Bowl titles while Mahomes is the baby "GOAT" ushering in a new generation of ultra-talented quarterbacks.

A Brady/Mahomes cover would be awesome. They arguably are the two-best quarterbacks in the league and just played against each other in Super Bowl LV, with Brady's Bucs winning 31-9.

Fans of other teams might be upset, though, and one of the reasons for that could be both Brady and Mahomes already having appeared on a Madden cover recently. Brady was on the "Madden NFL 18" cover and Mahomes was featured on the "Madden NFL 20" cover.

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