Why James White is optimistic about Patriots offense despite issues in camp


The New England Patriots are making meaningful changes to their offense entering the 2022 NFL season.

The outside-zone offense isn't the easiest to master. There have been plenty of adjustments for each position group to learn and put into practice throughout training camp. 

The results, at least so far, have been underwhelming. Pass protection, the run game, the deep passing attack and other elements of the offense have all seen plenty of issues. 

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It's all a process, though. Improvement will come in time. 

Recently retired Patriots running back James White is actually optimistic about what the offense will look like this season, and he also doesn't seem concerned about Matt Patricia's and Joe Judge's ability to get the job done.

"I think a lot of people are kinda rushing to judgment when it comes to all that," White told NFL Network on Friday. "Bill (Belichick) has coached a lot of football. (Matt Patricia) has coached a lot of football. So has Joe Judge. And you've gotta let those guys work. A lot of coaches coach a lot of different positions before they end up being an offensive coordinator. They could've coached on the defensive side of the ball first. I don't think a lot of people realize that. A lot of coaches coach a lot of positions before they get their 'main job.' So you've gotta let those guys work.

"There's a lot of talent on that offense from the quarterback position, offensive line, tight end, running backs, receivers. They're very deep at the wide receiver position. I think Patricia, Judge and Belichick are putting those guys in the right positions to be successful. I think Patriots fans will be happy with the product that they put out there this year."

White is correct about the talent on offense. The Patriots have done a tremendous job building up the skill level and depth of the offense. It's come a long way since the 2020 season. 

Sure, there might not be an elite level, top-five caliber player at any position on the Patriots offense, but the unit as a whole is pretty impressive. 

It might take a few weeks into the regular season for the offense to really hit its stride, but when that happens, the results should be pretty good considering the talent on the field. Remember, the Patriots were sixth in points scored last season, and that was before adding veteran wideout DeVante Parker and drafting wide receiver Tyquan Thornton and guard Cole Strange over the offseason.

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