This trait separates Tom Brady from his NFL peers, says Giants coach Joe Judge


There are so many factors that have made Tom Brady the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Whether it's his physical talents, his leadership or his legendary mental toughness, Brady has displayed one of the most impressive all-around skill sets we've ever seen.

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But is there one trait that really sets the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback apart from many of his peers?

Joe Judge is entering his first season as head coach of the New York Giants after eight years working on the New England Patriots coaching staff. He was both the special teams coordinator and wide receivers coach in New England last season. Judge observed Brady quite a bit, and he was so often impressed with the veteran quarterback's level of accountability.

"The biggest thing I ever observed from Tom in my eight years with him was that his preparation was phenomenal, but his accountability is what really separated him from a lot of other players," Judge recently told SNY's Ray Vacchiano. "His stature in the league was such that he could've just taken that role of superstar, but he always came in every day, put his nose the grindstone and just worked tirelessly. That, to me, is something I'll always take away from being with Tom for those eight years. And I think any player who wants to be great can take that same thing."

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If the superstar is accountable, works hard and takes everything seriously, it has an effect on the rest of the team. Brady has never been shy about holding his teammates accountable, but more importantly, he always makes sure to hold himself accountable, too. 

If Judge is going to be successful with the Giants, he needs franchise quarterback Daniel Jones to adopt this same mentality. The former Duke star was the No. 6 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft and had a strong rookie campaign for the Giants. There's a lot of optimism and high expectations surrounding Jones entering his second season.

Judge's experience with Brady should be a huge help in the young head coach's effort to develop Jones into a top-tier starting quarterback. 

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