New NFL helmet rule paves way for ‘Pat Patriot' throwbacks to return


The much-anticipated return of the New England Patriots' "Pat Patriot" throwback helmet could potentially happen as early as the 2022 NFL season.

The league approved a new alternate helmet rule change Thursday, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The old school red jersey with the iconic white "Pat Patriot" helmet make up one of the most iconic uniform sets in Boston sports history. It's tough to find a Patriots fan who doesn't have a soft spot for those jerseys and the helmet.

Here's an example of that classic jersey and helmet combo:

In addition to their red jersey/Pat Patriot helmet combo, the Patriots could also bring back the famous "Flying Elvis" blue jerseys the team used for most of the 1990s. 

Either way, the door has opened for the Patriots to use one of their most popular classic jersey/helmet duos in the near future, and that's great news. 

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