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Florio: Why Pats should trade down from No. 3 pick in draft

"You need more lottery tickets."

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New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo made an interesting comment when asked about having the third overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

“We’re gonna draft the best player for a position that is very important," Mayo told WBZ's Steve Burton last month. "You put the pieces together.”

That can be taken multiple ways. For one, the Patriots could be set on selecting whichever quarterback they prefer that falls in their lap at No. 3 overall. It's the most important position and they have a glaring need at that spot.

It could also hint that the team is targeting Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison, unquestionably the top wideout in the class and a potentially generational talent.

Perhaps Mayo was purposely vague, but he certainly didn't sound like someone interested in parting ways with that coveted top-three selection. Despite that, with so many holes on the roster, should New England consider trading down to collect more draft assets?

Tom E. Curran and Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio pondered that question on a new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast.

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"A quarterback first at No. 3 or build the team?" Curran asked Florio. "I say build the team. You do not have the luxury. It's not you, Jayden Daniels, it's me. We're just not ready for you yet."

Florio is on the same page as Curran, stating that the Patriots should acquire more "lottery tickets" rather than hoping whoever they select at No. 3 pans out as the next face of the franchise.

"I would trade down and get more picks," Florio said. "You need more lottery tickets. More lottery tickets increases the possibility of getting more winners. You get more winners, you get more players, you get a better team. That's what I think the Bears should do with 1, and that's what I think the Patriots should do at 3, unless you are convinced that that guy you're getting is Pro Bowler, Hall of Famer, can't-miss. And how could you be convinced of that?

"The Panthers were convinced of that last year when they gave up all that stuff to get Bryce Young and what do they have so far? So I think that they should trade down if they can. Get more players, scratch more lottery tickets, and develop more talent."

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