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Making NFL comps for wide receivers in 2024 NFL Draft

The Patriots still have a glaring need at the wide receiver position.

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The New England Patriots' wide receiver room remains a concern with free agency in full swing.

After missing out on Calvin Ridley, the Patriots must figure out a Plan B. There are still options if they decide to sign or trade for an impactful wideout, including Tee Higgins, Mike Williams, and Brandon Aiyuk. However, a new report suggests they could punt on making a significant improvement at receiver until next month's draft.

Marvin Harrison Jr. is an obvious option, but the Pats would have to use their third overall pick on the Ohio State star. That would require overlooking the quarterback position, perhaps an even bigger need for the team heading into the 2024 campaign.

Fortunately for them, the 2024 wide receiver class is loaded with talent. On a new episode of the Next Pats Podcast, draft analyst Mike Renner joined our Phil Perry to name-drop WR draft prospects who could be available for New England later in the draft, along with some NFL comps.

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Keon Coleman, Florida State

"To me, Keon Coleman reminds me a lot of Michael Thomas for the New Orleans Saints," Renner said. "Obviously, injuries derailed his career, but he was like 100-catch, 1,400-yard guy, a possession-type wide receiver. A guy you could rely on on third downs to just run that slant, get open, move the chains."

Adonai Mitchell, Texas

"Adonai Mitchell is more of a high-end mover. A guy with potential who's not as polished as Keon Coleman," Renner said. "Maybe like an Allen Robinson is what you're looking at there."

Troy Franklin, Oregon

"He's definitely explosive. You draft him though, you're kind of giving up on Tyquan Thornton. They're the same style of wide receiver," Renner said. "He's a much better version of that. He's a much more complete wide receiver than Tyquan Thornton has ever been. So, he's definitely a guy that adds explosiveness to a room that, let's face it, hasn't had explosiveness in a decade at this point."

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