Justin Tucker throws subtle jab at Russell Wilson's plane workout


Russell Wilson isn’t getting a break.

Wilson and the Denver Broncos hold a disappointing 2-5 record this NFL season and the quarterback is seemingly getting roasted online left and right.

Whether it’s Subway ads, Halloween costumes or working out an the airplane to England, Wilson is having a rough spooky season.

So here’s a breakdown of what happened to Wilson on the airplane and what Ravens kicker Justin Tucker said about it:

What did Russell Wilson do on the plane to London?

On the Broncos’ plane ride to England this week, Russell Wilson said he kept up with his workout regime.

Wilson, who missed the Broncos' last game against the Jets due to a hamstring injury, said he was "doing treatment" during the eight hour flight. He did hours of walking up and down the aisles and high knees to work out his legs to “make sure [he] was ready to rock.”

What did Justin Tucker say on the plane?

Justin Tucker wasted no time to make fun of Russell Wilson's airplane workout regime.

On the Ravens' flight home after Thursday's win over the Buccaneers, Tucker said during an Instagram Live, "What are we doing on the plane ride back home? I heard Lamar [Jackson] is leading us in high knees. Ravens flock, let's fly."

Why does Russell Wilson say “Let’s Ride”?

Whether it's "Mr. Unlimited" or "Let's Ride," Russell Wilson is known to have a few catch phrases he likes to use.

The first time Wilson uttered "Let's Ride" seemingly came at the end of his introductory press conference with Denver.

The phrase itself is pretty straightforward. The Broncos represent horses, so “Let's Ride” refers to leading the team with positive momentum.

What is the Russell Wilson Halloween costume?

In the viral trend that is going around the internet ahead of Halloween, NFL fans put together a Russell Wilson costume that’s called “Fraud.”

The costume includes “2 wins, 4 losses, creepy subway ads and wolverine blood.” On the bottom of the costume, it notes the costume requires “$245 million,” reflecting the quarterback’s contract with the Broncos.

Who is Justin Tucker?

Justin Tucker is a kicker for the Baltimore Ravens. 

He was drafted to the Ravens in 2012 and has since become a five-time Pro Bowler and holds the records for career field goal percentage (91%), longest field goal (66 yards) and is tied for most 50+ yard field goals in a game with three.

Tucker became a Super Bowl champion in 2013.

What is Russell Wilson’s contract with the Broncos?

Russell Wilson agreed to a five-year extension with the Denver Broncos through the 2028 season in September, worth $245 million.


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