Tom Brady

Is the NFL scripted? Tom Brady gives perfect response

The ex-Patriots QB's answer makes a ton of sense.

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Remember earlier this year when former Houston Texans running back Arian Foster claimed -- jokingly, in all likelihood -- that the NFL is scripted? Either way, the claim prompted some pretty funny responses from players past and present.

It's obviously ridiculous to think that an entity such as the NFL would be scripted, but that didn't stop people from reacting to Foster's take.

The league, to its credit, has done a good job poking fun at the notion it is scripted. The league even released an awesome commercial a few weeks ago where some of the sport's best players, including Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, got together for a secret meeting where they put together the script for the upcoming 2023 season.

The best response to the idea that the NFL could be scripted has actually come from former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Makes sense, right? You think Brady would have signed off on losing a perfect season to Eli Manning and the New York Giants, complete with a late comeback that included a helmet catch and a missed interception? And then lose another Lombardi Trophy to Manning a few years later?

In all seriousness, one of the best things about sports is that it isn't scripted. The drama of pro football is incredible and the outcome isn't truly decided until the clock hits zero. Brady and his Patriots teams proved that better than anyone.

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