Incognito warns it's time for Bills to ‘take their shots' at Gronk


Tre'Davious White has tried to tamp down the talk of revenge on Rob Gronkowski heading into the Bills rematch with the Patriots on Sunday, but that didn't stop world-famous bully Richie Incognito from ratcheting up the payback rhetoric.


"Obviously, there are going to be opportunities for guys to take shots this next game." the Bills offensive lineman told The Buffalo News earlier this week. "Gronkowski took his shot. Now it's our defense's chance to take their shots on him. When you do dumb stuff like he did, you open the door. The referees are a little more lenient because they know you got it coming. You've just got to be prepared to take it."

Now, Incognito won't be on the field with the Buffalo defense but perhaps the subject of the NFL's bullying investigation three years ago with the Miami Dolphins would give them a few pointers.

As for Gronk, he's not taking the revenge bait. 

“I’ve just been preparing all week, just like any other week. Preparing for a big game on Sunday with the team, with the boys and just going to be ready for a hard-fought battle,” Gronkowski said Friday. “Every single time we play the Bills they're always battling hard. They're always mentally tough. They're always physically tough and this will be a big game Sunday. We've just got to keep on preparing. We've got another 48 more hours to go before kickoff so just make sure I'm ready to go.”


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