Family affair: Three Belichicks officially on Patriots coaching staff for first time


FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick will bounce from one position group to the next during training camp, giving pointers to anyone who needs them. Steve Belichick roams with the safeties as they work on their drops and their communication in the secondary. Brian Belichick, meanwhile, seems to be shadowing defensive coordinator Matt Patricia as a coaching assistant focused on the defensive side of things. 

It's a trio that has shared time on the fields behind Gillette Stadium during training camps in the past, all the way back to when Steve and Brian were still in school, but this year is different. Brian shifted from the scouting side of things to the coaching side this offseason, officially bringing together all three Belichicks on the same coaching staff. 

"Brian was here last year but more on the scouting side of it, but they've been at a lot of camps, maybe in an unofficial capacity," Belichick said before Wednesday's practice. "Obviously it's great to be able to work with them on a daily basis. But at the same time, we have to operate as a staff. There's obviously a strong relationship there, but there also needs to be an equality on the staff for everybody. Sometimes it's a balance there. But it's great to have them here. It's great to work with them. I love seeing them every day."

Brian graduated Trinity College in 2016 where he majored in anthropology and played lacrosse. He served as a scouting assistant last season and is now one of four coaching assistants on the staff. 

Steve began his Patriots career as a coaching assistant in 2012 and held the same title through the 2015 season. Before last year's campaign, he was named safeties coach after Brian Flores shifted from coaching safeties to linebackers.  

Because the Patriots so often like to develop their own coaches and promote from within, holding a coaching-assistant position could potentially lead to a position-coach gig. Steve Belichick, tight ends coach Nick Caley (2015-16), corners coach Josh Boyer (2006-08), offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels (2001-03), defensive coordinator Matt Patricia (2004) and assistant quarterbacks coach Jerry Schuplinski (2013-15) all served as coaching assistants before taking their current roles. 

Joining Brian Belichick as coaching assistants this year are DeMarcus Covington, Mike Pellegrino and Cole Popovich.

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