DeAndre Hopkins' reaction to idea of Patriots trade isn't encouraging


As long as DeAndre Hopkins remains on the Arizona Cardinals this offseason, rumors of a potential trade to the New England Patriots will persist.

But there's one factor worth considering: Does Hopkins even want to come to New England?

The Pro Bowl wide receiver joined CBS Sports' Bryant McFadden for a clever video in which McFadden asked Hopkins to convey how he'd feel about being traded to certain teams using only his body language.

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The Patriots were the first team on the list -- and Hopkins didn't exactly light up.

Hopkins gave the body language equivalent of a "not interested" response to the Patriots and New York Jets, while seeming much more intrigued by the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs as trade destinations.

Hopkins' reactions shouldn't be surprising; would you rather play for a Patriots squad that went 8-9 last season with a second-year quarterback (Mac Jones) who ranked 31st in the NFL in QBR, or a high-powered offense led by a top-five QB in Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes?

Add in Hopkins' rocky history with new Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien -- who traded Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals in 2020 as head coach/general manager of the Houston Texans -- and it's no wonder the veteran wideout isn't thrilled about the thought of coming to New England.

Hopkins' feelings don't necessarily rule out a trade to the Patriots; his no-trade clause was waived due to his 2022 suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, so Arizona is free to trade him to the highest bidder. And if the Bills or Chiefs aren't interested in acquiring Hopkins, maybe he'd come around to playing for the Patriots.

At the very least, however, Hopkins' reactions are a reflection of where New England stands in the AFC hierarchy, and that Bill Belichick's club is no longer a top destination for the league's stars.

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