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Bailey Zappe wants people to know he doesn't dislike Taylor Swift

Swift could be in attendance for Sunday's Patriots-Chiefs game at Gillette Stadium.

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FOXBORO -- Bailey Zappe had a message he needed to get out there. He didn't want it to be misconstrued. Especially given the circumstances this week.

He is a Taylor Swift fan. He... just... doesn't listen to her music.

"I used to be a fan," he said during his Wednesday press conference. "I'm a country guy. I listen to country music. She used to be country. There was times where, of course, Taylor Swift's country songs came on. I'd listen to it. Now she's moved over to pop. I'm not a pop guy. So, I'm a fan. I just don't listen to that type of music. So, just to clear that up in there."

Earlier in the week -- ahead of the Patriots-Chiefs matchup this weekend -- when asked if he was a fan of newly-minted Chiefs fan Taylor Swift, Zappe told WEEI he was not.

"No ma'am," he told Meghan Ottolini of the Jones & Mego with Arcand program. "This is not a shot at Taylor Swift. I'm not not a fan. I just don't listen to that music... I knew some of her old songs. I don't dislike her."

Swift could very well be in a suite at Gillette Stadium to watch beau Travis Kelce and the Chiefs on Sunday afternoon. The game was originally scheduled to be on Monday Night Football but was flexed out in favor of Seahawks-Eagles. 

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"It'll be pretty exciting to have her here," Zappe said. "I know she loves being here at Gillette. I'm sure that's exciting for her to come back here."

Zappe was just happy he had an opportunity to set the record straight on his non-fandom fandom. He hadn't received any negative blowback for his WEEI comments as of Wednesday afternoon, but he didn't want to risk drawing the ire of the devoted Swift fanbase.

"Not to my knowledge. But I have to clear it up, you never know on social media," he said. "I'm just making sure everybody understands I am a fan."

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