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Are Pats locked in on a QB at No. 3? Perry shares his insight

However, the signing of Jacoby Brissett 'left their options open.'

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With Mac Jones' departure to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New England Patriots have seemingly indicated they plan to select a quarterback with their No. 3 pick in the upcoming draft. Of course, anything could happen, but our Phil Perry is hearing the rest of the league believes New England is leaning in the direction of selecting a young signal-caller next month.

Following Sunday's trade, which sent a 2024 sixth-round pick back to New England, the Patriots moved forward with their offseason QB plan by bringing back their 2016 third-round pick, Jacoby Brissett. As Perry explained, people with other NFL teams believe Brissett's signing paves the way for New England drafting a QB.

"They look at this [Jones trade] as a strong signal that they will be drafting a quarterback at No. 3 overall," Perry said on the latest episode of Patriots Talk Podcast. "They see Jacoby Brissett as a backup/mentor/placeholder for a short period of time for a young quarterback."

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While Brissett could debatably be a viable option as a starting quarterback, it's more likely he fits the mold of what New England was reportedly looking for -- a veteran bridge quarterback who can mentor the rookie QB they select at No. 3, likely either UNC's Drake Maye or LSU's Jayden Daniels.

New England could be attempting to replicate the model successfully run by the Green Bay Packers, in which they transitioned at QB from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love. Brissett will allow for a rookie QB to come into the league and learn before getting pressured to lead a struggling team -- something that can ruin a young player's confidence, comparable to what happened with Jones.

"What I reported soon after the combine was that if the Patriots are convicted with the quarterback that falls to them at No. 3, they are going to take that player," Perry added. "If they are not, then they will trade down. I would add to that -- and this isn't based on my reporting, this would just be an inference -- but if you weren't sold on the quarterback that falls to you at No. 3, wouldn't you do something more aggressive at the quarterback position?"

With the lack of aggression in finding a more talented QB that could be a starter for a few seasons, such as trading for Justin Fields or signing Baker Mayfield, Perry seems to believe that is a sign the Patriots are eyeing a QB in the draft.

"I think that this is a sign -- this is how the league is taking it -- that they are leaning in that direction," Perry said of the Patriots selecting a QB. "I think what the Patriots would tell you is, 'well, we're not sold yet, we haven't gone through our entire process yet so don't lock us into a quarterback there,' but now they at least have that option. That's how I would put it -- they left their options open by signing Jacoby Brissett."

With talented WR Marvin Harrison somewhat overlooked at the No. 3 spot due to New England's quarterback needs, Perry insinuates that Brissett is a talented enough bridge QB -- similar to Alex Smith with the Kansas City Chiefs -- where the Patriots could take a future franchise WR and find their Patrick Mahomes in another draft.

Brissett was a backup to Sam Howell on the Washington Commanders last season but started 11 games for the Cleveland Browns the year prior, where he threw for 2,608 yards on a 64 percent completion rate, adding 12 touchdowns to six interceptions.

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