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Here's how much money players make for winning the Super Bowl

Chiefs players brought home some extra cash after winning the Super Bowl

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Winning a Super Bowl can assure immortality for teams and a shiny new Lombardi Trophy to put on display, but it also comes with a tidy paycheck for those players fortunate enough to compete for football’s biggest prize.

The Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up their second consecutive Super Bowl win on Sunday, taking down the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas. Now that the party in Sin City is over and the parade back home scheduled — and the new rings ordered, they can set their collective sites on something else: cashing in.

According to the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement, each eligible player on the Chiefs’ roster will receive a check for $164,000 for being on the winning team in the Super Bowl.

That amount can vary depending on a player’s injury status or the duration of their stint on the team, with players signed midseason potentially receiving only a partial share, but it’s still a nice chunk of change for those who are on the roster for the victory.

For the 49ers, they will still get bonus checks for participating in the game, with each player taking home $89,000.

Players also receive bonuses for each successive round of the playoffs they win, including $73,000 for winning their respective conference championship games.

Those numbers also go up each season, maxing out at $228,000 bonuses for winning the Super Bowl in 2031, according to the league.

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