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What should we make of the Jaylen Brown supermax delay?

If many expect Jaylen Brown to sign a supermax extension with Boston, what's the holdup?

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Jaylen Brown became eligible to sign a supermax contract extension with the Boston Celtics at 12:01 a.m. ET on July 1. And yet, as of July 5 at 12 p.m. ET, Brown remained un-extended.

So, what's the holdup?

Multiple reports have indicated that Boston doesn't plan to trade Brown and intends to offer him a five-year, $295 million extension that would kick in for the 2024-25 season and run through 2028-29. But the fact that we're still waiting on that offer has led to rampant speculation, including rumors about the Celtics exploring a Damian Lillard blockbuster that may or may not send Brown to Portland.

While that speculation will persist until Brown inks (or doesn't ink) an extension, Celtics Insider Chris Forsberg says we shouldn't be sounding the alarm bells just yet.

"All I know is that no one seems overly (concerned)," Forsberg said Monday on NBC Sports Boston's Arbella Early Edition, as seen in the video player above. "Like, there's nothing, I can tell, nefarious. But the longer this stretches on, we're left to just wonder, and that's the hard part, right?"

Forsberg also noted that Brown's agent has a history of keeping his clients' dealings under wraps until the last possible minute.

"I will say this: Jaylen's agent, Jason Glushon, has (represented) many members of this team and stuff has typically not emerged until it got to the finish line," Forsberg said. "I think about Al Horford's extension (in December 2022); I think about even Marcus Smart getting traded two weeks ago. These things don't tend to bubble up because I think they know that the Celtics play everything very close to the vest.

"I'm left to assume that there are just little things that need to be talked about. And sometimes those little things turn into a big deal, but for now, the message has just been patience."

The Celtics reportedly have contacted the Trail Blazers about a Lillard trade, and they're still playing the waiting game with Grant Williams, who will hit restricted free agency Thursday. So, it's possible they just want clarity on the Lillard and Williams fronts before giving Brown his payday.

It's also possible that Brown's extension delay means something is afoot, but Stadium's Jeff Goodman insisted Brown remaining in Boston is all but guaranteed.

"I talked to somebody in the organization, and they said that there's really nothing to worry about right now -- that it's gonna happen, it's just a matter of time," Goodman said on Arbella Early Edition. "I would figure Brad Stevens would like to get this done, before summer league really gets going, before his son probably gets going on the AAU circuit, kind of get this thing done.

"The one thing with Brad is, he doesn't panic. He doesn't. This is just kind of how he operates. Jaylen knows he's going to get this deal. Brad knows he's going to give it to him. So again, I don't think there's any crazy rush or concern."

Check out Forsberg and Goodman's full discussion on Brown with host Trenni Casey in the video below.

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