Thomas says Celtics support system has been ‘really important' over last week


CHICAGO – Isaiah Thomas has done some amazing things as a Boston Celtic.
But when the day comes for the Book on Thomas’ career to be detailed, no narrative would be complete without focusing a bit of time on how he has handled himself this week.
It was just over a week ago on April 15 (the day before Game 1 of the playoffs) that he learned that his 22-year-old sister Chyna J. Thomas, was killed in a one-car accident.
Those close to Thomas say it rocked him in a way they had never seen before, which is understandable.
And yet through the pain of dealing with something so personal as the death of his younger sister while being in the spotlight of the Eastern Conference playoffs, Thomas has somehow managed to still deliver big-game performances which is why the series in now tied at two games apiece.
“Mentally and emotionally I’m not here,” Thomas said after Game 4, the first time he has spoken publicly since his sister’s death. “So I just feed off of what the guys give me. They give me a lot of confidence. I can’t do it without those guys. They believe in me. Being here is what makes me sane and makes me feel somewhat normal through these tough times.”
But what he did to the Chicago Bulls was anything but normal in Game 4.
Thomas has 33 points on 10-for-21 shooting as Thomas darted, dipped and destroyed the Bulls defense at every turn.
Having been around Isaiah Thomas the last couple of years, Celtics head coach  Brad Stevens has a pretty good sense of what Thomas is like and exactly how much can he handle.
But what Thomas has done in these four playoff games while still coming to grips with the pain of having lost his sister, is nothing short of amazing.
“I can’t believe it,” Stevens said. “I tried to say that earlier this week. What he’s been through and the day to day stuff, it’s unfathomable how he’s performed on the court.”
In the most important game of the season, Thomas was indeed carrying the Celtics with a slew of big shots that played a key role in Boston knotting the series at two games apiece with a 104-95 win.
But in this time of grieving, he readily admits that it has been the Celtics family – coaches, front-office, teammates and of course, the fans – that has helped him get through what has been an emotionally-draining week.
“They’ve been really important,” said Thomas. “They’ve been everything. This organization is the best organization there is, from the people who work in the Garden, the players, coaches, everybody who is a part of the Celtics ... They have been supportive; the whole world has.”

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