Rajon Rondo says Isaiah Thomas doesn't deserve a video tribute from Celtics


Rajon Rondo probably has some ill will towards Isaiah Thomas. Rondo was the point guard the Celtics chose to dump, while Thomas eventually replaced him and got the shine Rondo probably felt he was due. 
Plus, Rondo can be kind of a jerk sometimes. Add those up and it should come as little surprise that Rondo dumped all over Thomas Tuesday night. 

One could almost agree and disagree with Rondo’s comments at the same time. On one hand, he is correct that Thomas’ accomplishments with the Celtics pale in comparison to the standard set by the team historically. 

However, for as ludicrous as the never-ending drama surrounding Thomas’ video tribute has been, it’s a video tribute. Good players, which Thomas is, get them. Bad players get them. 

It’s not an official distinction. It’s not a kept statistic. It’s a reminder that a player — good or bad — once played for the team and maybe did something at some point. 

That said, Rondo speaking frankly [and rudely] about former Celtics will never get old. 

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