Derrick White shares photo of newborn son following Celtics' win


As if the night couldn't get any better for the Boston Celtics, there's also this: Derrick White is now the proud father of a newborn son.

White and his wife, Hannah, welcomed their first child and the world's newest Celtics fan on Thursday, according to Hannah's Instagram story.

Derrick White flew back to Massachusetts to be present for the birth of his son, Hendrix James White, missing Boston's 127-102 runaway victory over the Miami Heat.

Hendrix James White is an incredible name on many levels, as the boy is named after a legendary musician -- and a New England Patriots star.

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You've got the Hendrix James portion of the name, a play on Jimi Hendrix, arguably the greatest guitarist of all-time with hits like "Purple Haze" and "All Along the Watchtower." Here's hoping that upon White's return to the lineup for the C's, there's some Hendrix blaring out of the PA system at TD Garden.

Not to be overlooked in the name is the James White portion, an homage to one of the steadiest performers for the Patriots over the last decade. James White has carved out a niche as an excellent third-down back, a security blanket first for Tom Brady and potentially for Mac Jones, too.

Hendrix is also the name of Robert Williams III's son, who was born in January.

Congratulations to Derrick White, who figures to be back in the lineup for the Celtics for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday in Boston.

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