David Aldridge on how the NBA Draft will impact Isaiah Thomas long-term future in Boston


In this edition of the "Celtics Talk" podcast, Brian Scalabrine joins Kyle Draper as special co-host. The two cover the topics below as the regular season winds down. Plus, A. Sherrod Blakely talks with NBA Insider David Aldridge about the Cavs, the Eastern Conference playoff race, and how the Celtics pick in the NBA Draft will effect the long-term future of Isaiah Thomas in Boston.

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Here is a complete rundown:

  • (1:35) Scal thinks the Celtics don't have the size or length to make noise in the playoffs
  • (4:45) Minimizing when Isaiah Thomas is off the floor; Brad Stevens should challenge Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart to step up
  • (7:05) Is Stevens protecting Thomas down the stretch too much?
  • (11:00) David Aldridge joins A. Sherrod Blakely on the phone to talk about the Cavs and East playoff picture
  • ( 20:40) If the Celtics don't see Isaiah as part of the long-term picture, they should take Lonzo Ball. If he is, Markelle Fultz will end up being a Bradley Beal type player
  • (24:00) Is Ball's father just doing what Richard Williams did when Venus and Serena began their careers...being an engaged father?
  • (26:30) Scal and Draper on which seed the Celtics will get
  • (30:35) Scal lays out a pretty clear measure of what playoff success would be for the C's
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