Anything is Podable Episode Five: Steamrolling through the regular season


In most cases, team chemistry forms over time, but apparently, nobody told the 07-08 Celtics.

Episode Five of NBC Sports Boston’s “Anything is Podable” reflects back on the team’s regular season, which saw Boston cruise to a 66-16 record, the first seed in the Eastern Conference, and Kevin Garnett capture the Defensive Player of the Year award.

“Everybody just wanted to go out there and just show that we was ready from the jump,” said Kendrick Perkins. “We didn’t need time to gel. We was ready to go get after it and we did.”

Boston exploded out of the gate, going 29-3 in their first 32 games, spearheaded by Garnett’s defensive intensity and unrelenting competitiveness.

“I know the lightning bolts that I possess,” said Garnett. “I just try to keep them all in sync. Not hold them in, but keep it all centered.”

“Kevin was a guy that motivated you,” said Glen Davis. “He really made me feel bad that I didn’t do well in a game or I let my team down.”

In mid-March, with the end of the regular season in sight, Boston faced one of its greatest tests: three games in four nights on the road against a triumvirate of Western conference stalwarts.

Gregg Popovich and the Spurs? Vanquished.

The Rockets, riding a 22-game win streak? See ya.

Reigning-MVP Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks? Better luck next time.

“A team that’s won 22-straight and you blow them out?!” Holley exclaimed. “I said, ‘okay, we got something here.’”

Had something they did, as Boston won 11 of their last 12 to finish the regular season.

Anything is Podable is a ten-part series diving into the story of the 2008 Celtics and their championship season, with exclusive, never-before-heard interviews with team executives, former players, and media members.

Narrated by Kyle Draper, it’s the perfect way for Celtics fans to pass time this offseason and get excited for 2018-19, a season in which the Celtics have as good a chance at raising their 18th championship banner as they’ve had since that magical 2008 season.

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