Wherever flu-ridden Red Sox go, their clubhouse gets fumigated


It’s not just one flu bug dragging down the Red Sox.  

“There’s three different viruses, they tell me, going along,” Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski said Monday on NESN. 

A lot of people have had flu shots, Dombrowski said.

The home clubhouse at Fenway Park has been fumigated multiple times while the team has been in Detroit for four games, Sox manager John Farrell told reporters Monday. 

But that’s not the only clubhouse that’s going to be sanitized.

The Twins, who start a series in Detroit on Tuesday, called ahead and asked that the visitor’s clubhouse at Comerica Park is to be fumigated as well, Dombrowski said on NESN.

“It’s been fumigated multiple times,” Farrell said of the Fenway locker room. “I think if you read the general population is going through another boom. It’s hit again. So, we’re no different.”

The Sox are without Xander Bogaerts on Monday, but not because of the flu. He was expected back from the bereavement list but could not get out of Aruba as flights were disrupted.

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