Source: ‘I'm sure comment to Schilling wasn't meant to be serious'


Curt Schilling clarified his surprising announcement that he was advised to take PEDs during his last year with the Red Sox in 2008 by telling a questioner on Twitter that it "wasn't anyone in uniform, nor the baseball ops group".

That would eliminate the three highest-profile names -- former general manager Theo Epstein, former manager Terry Francona and former assistant general manager Jed Hoyer -- who have left the organization. Schilling had said the suggestion was made by someone no longer with the Red Sox.

That would seem to leave someone on the medical or training staff as the likely source of the comment. But a source familiar with the situation said, "I'm sure if anyone said something like that, it wasn't meant to be serious. I would bet my bottom dollar on that."

Schilling explained why he won't name the person by saying "outing the person would not do anything for anyone."

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