Saturday, April 15: Hey Mom, where's my skates?


Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while still feeling the aftershocks of that sweet, sweet “The Last Jedi” trailer from yesterday.

*Rising Maple Leafs star Mitch Marner lives with his mom in Toronto, and that just makes him like just about every other member of the Millenial generation, doesn’t it?

*Tyler Seguin is pumped about the responsibility of being a No. 1 center under Ken Hitchcock, but it remains to be seen how pumped the coach is going to be when he sees it actually play out on the ice. Seguin has never been able to live up to that responsibility under two other coaches, so he’ll need to try a different approach.

*A really nice piece on Dave Strader returning to the booth to call playoff games for NBC during the Washington Capitals/Toronto Maple Leafs series. It was a great gesture from Sam Flood to make this happen on the NBC side, and it’s always a plus to have such a solid pro like Strader as part of the NHL on NBC team while he continues his fight against cancer.

*The Los Angeles Kings begin their coaching search to replace Darryl Sutter as some of the assistants will be retained under the new head coach.

*Here are some last little tidbits from the close of the Sabres season, including a bitter end for Jack Eichel.

*Cabbie goes deep in this interview with Brad Marchand where he admits that, yes, just about everybody outside Boston hates him, and he’s pretty okay with that.

*For something completely different: The movie trailer is hot fire and the movie poster is hot fire. So, “The Last Jedi” is going to be hot fire.


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