Orr: ‘Players want their fair share'


The NHL is currently in danger of going back to lockout for the second time in the past decade if a deal isn't reached by September 15.

Bruins legend Bobby Orr is not happy about it.

"If we go back to the last collective bargaining agreement, the talk after that was, 'Gee, the players really got beat on this one,'" said the Bruins legendary blueliner.

The players are currently making 57 percent of revenue. The owners want to reduce the players' share to 43 percent. Bobby Orr believes the players are just looking for a fair deal this time around.

"Players want their fair share, and that's what it's all about and I think it's very unfair if fans, until they understand and see everything what's out there, that they suggest that the players are being greedy."

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