NHL Power Rankings: Top teams benefit from old school hockey


If you look at the NHL standings, one thing really stands out right now.

The best team in the Eastern Conference and the best team in the Western Conference make no apologies about being the biggest, toughest teams on their block. Sure, the Capitals have Alex Ovechkin among others who can put the puck in the net, and credit St. Louis for doing some great things offensively with Vladimir Tarasenko out for the entire season. So they can beat teams any number of ways through their offensive talent, depth, and their individual talent on defense and at the goaltending position.

But arguably the most noticeable feature for both Washington and St. Louis is that they make no apologies about trying to rough up just everybody they play, and they employ old school approaches when it comes to physicality, intimidation, and using size and brawn to get where they need to go on the ice.

Perhaps other teams should start going back to their big, physical, and mean roots as so many teams are trying to go with speed and skill over everything else, and are making themselves entirely vulnerable to teams that value old school hockey qualities.

Now on to the power rankings:  

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