Morning Skate: Reasonable debate among Habs fans? Think again


Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while shaking my head that it’s already August and summer is just about O-V-A-H.

*What’s more meaningless than Jordan Caron’s stint with the Bruins, you might ask? How about a Montreal columnist pleading with the Habs fan base for a reasonable debate among the fandom? C’mon, buddy. Know the audience you’re playing to. These are the same fans that rioted and burned police cruisers after their No. 1 seed Canadiens beat the No. 8 seed Bruins in the first round of the playoffs in 2008. There’s no middle ground there. For better or worse (and it makes for a great, raucous atmosphere at the Bell Centre), Habs fans are lunatics and asking them to act differently is totally ridiculous.  

*So are the Toronto Maple Leafs headed for a regression this season after making so much progress with last year’s group of young guns?

*Former Ottawa Senators and Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher will be remembered for very real and very admirable humanity as much as anything else as he retires from the NHL.

*The Pittsburgh Penguins are in the market for a third-line center, and it may be that they don’t fill it until midway through the regular season. I feel like the same scenario exists for the Bruins on the left side of their defense depending on how the regular season starts for them.

*PHT writer Joey Alfieri wonders if the Detroit Red Wings are in a spot where a full rebuild would serve them best after missing the playoffs last season.

*Anytime that Dick Pound decides to rip into the NHL for their decision to skip the Olympics, you’ve got to cede the floor to Mr. Pound.

*For something completely different: Apparently the notion that “a good ole boy is never meanin’ no harm” has changed over the years. I drove by this sign in Waltham a couple of weeks ago billing that Tom Wopat, of "Dukes of Hazard" fame, was going to be starring in a musical there, and wondered how that had even happened in the first place.  


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