2016 Stanley Cup playoffs preview and predictions


With the Bruins on the outside looking in for the entirety of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the second straight season, there will be a bit of a lesser interest in the NHL’s postseason around these parts over the next couple of months. But the diehard hockey fans will still watch, and recently departed Bruins players like Milan Lucic, Johnny Boychuk and Shawn Thornton among others will be dialing it up for different teams, and could still provide a rooting interest for those diehard B’s fans over these next few desolate weeks.

With all that being said, here’s a quick Stanley Cup playoff preview of those that actually did qualify for the tournament:


Eastern Conference

First round

New York Islanders over Florida Panthers in 6 games – the Isles are a little more experienced, but won’t have Jaroslav Halak. I just think Florida’s youth catches up to them this time around.

Tampa Bay Lightning over Detroit Red Wings in 7 games – the Lightning won’t have an easy time of it without Steven Stamkos, but they have the best defenseman (Victor Hedman) and the best goalie (Ben Bishop) in the series.

Washington Capitals over the Philadelphia Flyers in 5 games – It might takes the Capitals a game or two to get their engines revving, but nobody else can play with them in the Eastern Conference bracket.

New York Rangers over the Pittsburgh Penguins in 7 games – The Penguins won’t get over the hump without Evgeni Malkin and Marc-Andre Fleury.


Second round

Islanders over Tampa Bay in 6 games

Capitals over Rangers in 7 games


Eastern Conference Final

Capitals over Islanders in 5 games


Western Conference

First round

Dallas Stars over Minnesota Wild in 4 games – The Stars aren’t exactly built for the playoffs, but they have the firepower to pound Minnesota with or without Zach Parise.

Chicago Blackhawks over the St. Louis Blues in 7 games – Once again the Blackhawks are blocking the Blues, and it’s a damned shame for Ken Hitchcock and all those talented Blues players.

Anaheim Ducks over Nashville Predators in 6 games – It will be fun to see the Ducks really turn it on for the playoffs, and they should be able to fight to get to the net vs. the Predators defenders.

Los Angeles Kings over the San Jose Sharks in 5 games – It will be interesting to see if Milan Lucic fares better in the postseason for LA, but they have plenty to get past Jumbo Joe and the Sharks.


Second round

Blackhawks over Stars in 6 games

Kings over Ducks in 7 games


Western Conference Final

Kings over the Blackhawks in 7 games


Stanley Cup Final

Capitals over Kings in 7 games


Conn Smythe Trophy winner

Alex Ovechkin

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