WATCH: Matt Judon offers thoughts on Mac Jones' sense of style


There's not much left to debate about the credentials of Mac Jones on a football field.

When it comes to his sense of fashion, however, teammate Matt Judon seems to have taken issue.

Bursting out laughing upon a question about Jones' sense of style -- or lack thereof -- Judon said that it's a lost cause.

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"Mac's a football player and that's about it," Judon said. "He's a great guy, great football player, but drip, that's not him. Let him do what he's doing -- don't change the guy, let him do what he's doing. 

"I'm just happy he's our quarterback. He's out there ballin', having a helluva season, and I'm just glad he's out there playing with us."

We know that Jones showered out gifts for his entire offensive line for Christmas. No word on if he gave anything to any of the defensive players.

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